BroLaws’ First Breakfast

Episode 1 

Four contractors looking to spread some love, laughter, and maybe even a bit of knowledge. We’re here to talk about all things construction, family, and business. Welcome! Come and get to know us in this introduction to our podcast.

These “No’s” Are Making Me Hungry

Episode 2 

Do you have a phone addiction? So do we. In this episode, we discuss the difficulties of finding quality time with our family in this technology-based world, as well as a deep dive into Joey and Dave’s journey through the TV world. Let’s talk!

Community and Competition

Episode 3 

Community is a big part of our lives. We talk about how our desire for community and our competitive nature have impacted our careers.

Path to the Trades

Episode 4 

Are the trades established as a legitimate career? Would you encourage your kids to venture into the trades as much as you would post secondary? Or are trades still maybe even subconsciously considered a “less than” career?

Handshakes and Real Estate

Episode 5 

When your client is also a real estate agent and his team helps you get into the investment property market, the list of things to talk about isn’t short. Join us as we hear what Michael McDougall has to say about the real estate industry and what it was like working with the BroLaws.

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